TIFQLab is an analysis, experimentation and research Center for food technologies and drinking water, which performs as a technical-scientific support in the evaluation of the hygienic-manufacturing risks of materials and processes and in the application of fitting solutions for the companies of the sector.

TIFQLab is a spin-off created by collaboration between the University of Calabria and TIFQ – Institute of the Hygienic Quality of Food Equipment, a certification body for the voluntary hygienic qualification of equipment and materials. The result is the establishment of a facility equipped with advanced analysis and experimentation equipment, able to permit chemical-physical and microbiological analysis, scientific and process research, linked with specific technical and legislative knowledge.

TIFQLab promotes scientific collaboration between Universities and other public and private, national, European and International research bodies, focusing its own competences on the hygienic and healthy aspects of materials in contact with food and drinking water, and on technological processes.

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